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Sorted Directory Listing

Friday, October 11, 2013

As I’ve said before, it’s always good to know your way around the commandline on Windows (or any platform for that matter). You can get a lot done with a few short commands. Today I want to document one simple command that I use quite often with one option that I usually forget and have to look up when it’s important. The command is to write a list of file and folder names to a text file. That’s it. Simple, but think about how you would get this otherwise - not so easy1.

Open the commandline, navigate to the folder you want to get a listing for and type the following at the commandline.

dir /b /o:n > list.txt

The dir is a directory listing and the /b option tells it to show just the bare file (or folder) name. the /o option tells it to sort the listing and the :n modifier tells the sorting to be by name. There are other options for sorting, but you can also just leave the /o:n portion off and paste the text into Excel or use your text editor to sort the list if you need it. That’s the part I always forget…

I use this because I often want to send someone a list of filenames or occasionally I want to create a batch file that renames files, so I use this to get the original filenames and go from there in a text editor or Excel.

  1. Okay, there might be a way - I admit that I didn’t look very hard.