Al Hamra Tower

Recently The Science Channel's Build It Bigger profiled the Al Hamra Tower in Kuwait. You can see a couple sample videos here and here. I wasn't able to catch the entire episode, but hopefully through the magic of time shifted video (i.e. video on the web, Netflix, etc) I will get to sit down and enjoy all 42 glorious minutes of it.

I intended to post this earlier, but alas, I've been busy. I haven't worked on many towers since joining SOM, but I was able to lend a hand with a small scripting task on this one. It was nothing of any design consequence, but it gave me a chance, early on in my tenure, to look at how the files were set up and to understand a bit about the efficiencies that are possible when working extensively in a specific building typology.

I'll post more extensively on this script, since I think it is a good illustration of the kind of thinking required when working with both computers and humans. It was also one of the first times I was confident enough to say "I can do that" without really knowing how I was going to accomplish it.