It's a blog!

I spend more time scouring the internet for answers than I care to calculate and I often find that the answers to my questions are never fully formed or clearly articulated in one place. The answers are there, they just lack structure and specificity in the service of my projects. This is, of course, the nature of "research" as it is done in support of new work. It means these are good, hard questions... either that or they are of absolutely no concern. To anyone. In either case, this blog will be my contribution to the cacophony of the web as it pertains to BIM, computational design, productivity, scripting and anything else that strikes me as being of interest to architects, designers and builders. With any luck you will find something useful here and build upon it.

I should add, in this first post, that the impetus to finally start this blog comes from some recent discussions I've had with a few of my coworkers about promoting and sharing knowledge. We are generally in favor of it. It helps elevate the level of discourse and it gives us a chance to show off what we are capable of. That said, let's just put it in writing that the opinions expressed on this blog are mine and don't necessarily represent those of my employers, my coworkers, my family or even my closest friends. The content is mine, unless otherwise credited, and any similarity to any real person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.