Studio H at AU2010

I've been back from my first AU for a little over a week now, but I haven't been able to sit myself down at a computer and reflect on that experience. I met so many wonderful people and saw some pretty amazing work - it was truly an inspiring conference. Thanks to everyone who put it together and participated. This, however, is not the post to recap the conference - it's just a little teaser and perhaps a bit of a plug. While sitting in the gigantic stadium where the keynote was held, I heard the beginnings of a quite compelling talk by a young woman describing how horribly her first project failed, but how much she and her partner learned from it. It sounded like school and was a good choice, I thought, for how to start the keynote. I also thought the project reminded me of something one of my former classmates would be involved with. Well, as I continued to listen to Emily describe her next couple of projects and introduce who her partner was, I realized it was the very same Matt Miller I knew from grad school. Surprise! If you have a chance, take a look at their website and spend a few minutes taking in what they are doing - it's really good stuff.

Matt Miller